The lineup on Sunday is stacked! Who are you excited to see as a fan?

Sunday at LOCKN’ will be a day for me to feed my musical wants and needs. I’m thrilled for each act on the bill for that day. St. PAUL & the broken bones is a set I’ve never seen live and will be seeing at the fest. The first time I played LOCKN’ 2 years ago I felt a unity of musicians and fans all together to celebrate love and togetherness through music. I look forward to getting back there.

If you could jump onstage with anyone on Sunday, who would you want to join the most and what would you play?

If things go the way I hope they do, Sunday at LOCKN’ will be very busy for me, that being said. I would really love to play “Looks like Rain” with Bob Weir.

The last time you played the festival was in 2017, how did you feel taking the stage at LOCKN? What emotions do the location, the people and the vibe at LOCKN’ elicit?

Last time I played LOCKN’ was 2017. This was my first year there as a musician or as a spectator.. In the wake of the violence we saw in Charlottesville everyone came together that year with love and a reminder that hate is learned behavior and love is far more powerful.

LOCKN’ is deeply connected to its Virginia heritage through Southern rock. You’re proudly from Greenville, what is about the southern music tradition that inspires you most?

There is something special in the water, maybe in the red clay or the singing hills of the Appalachian mountains. Southern music has been ringing in my ears since I heard my first sound. It’s special to me and I’m blessed to share it with you.