10 of the Top Reasons Beavers are like LOCKN’ Fans

Happy International Beaver Day! It’s no secret that we love beavers at LOCKN’, in fact, they’re our official mascot! Not only are they our dear friends on the farm, but they are caring, creative, and not afraid to be themselves. Truth be told, they’re a lot like us!

1. Beavers are romantics at heart

Beaver’s build their dams in hopes of finding a mate for life just like many people find their significant at LOCKN’. What’s better than falling in love with someone with the same tastes in music?

2. Beavers have great hearing

Beavers have an excellent sense of hearing and can identify a wide range of sounds. Kind of like how LOCKN’ fans can identify a Grateful Dead song from the first note.

3. Beavers are very social

Beavers are social animals, living in large family groups, and working together in peace and unity. Remind you of anyone? At LOCKN’, chances are you’re coming to Virginia as strangers but leaving as family!

4. Beavers don’t hibernate

Believe it or not, beavers don’t hibernate during the winter, they brave the snow storms like champs. When it’s time to rock ‘n’ roll, there’s no stopping LOCKN’ fans from partying!

5. Beavers are the boy and girl scouts of the animal kingdom.

Beaver dams create habitat for many other animals and plants. At LOCKN’ we’re working hard with local organizations on Participation Row to help the community around us.

6. Beavers are typically nocturnal animals

Beavers are definitely not morning animals, they like to sleep all day and do their hard work all night, from hunting to picking up sticks, they do it all! Just like LOCKN’ fans who party all night at the Garcia’s Forest and refuel at the Main Stage all day.

7. Beavers love the water

Beavers love water and spend a lot of their time in lakes and rivers. When it gets hot LOCKN’ fans love to swim at Waterlockn’s private swimming hole on the Tye River.

8. Beavers are symbolic

Beavers play a role in Native American symbolism, particularly in stories from various tribes. Not only are they the national animal of Canada, but they are also the mascot of LOCKN’. Respect the Beaver!

9. Beavers can be found anywhere

Beavers can be found almost anywhere in the USA, just like our LOCKN’ family who travel from coast to coast once a year to attend their favorite festival on the farm.

10. Beavers love to collect things

Beavers collect trees, gather branches, mud, and other material to make their perfect dams. LOCKN’ fans collect memorabilia such as posters, shirts, buttons, and hats, to keep their life and home filled with music memories.