Dead & Company’s 2017 Fall Tour has finally kicked off and it’s already given us some incredibly memorable moments! From New York to Boston, the boys have been keeping the spirit of the Grateful Dead alive while ensuring that the music never stops. If you’re not on the bus yet, it’s time to hop on as Dead & Co brings their blend of free-wheeling energy across the country.

1. Words of wisdom from John Mayer, “We’re about to begin what I believe in my heart will be the best tour so far…”

Before the first show at Madison Square Garden, John Mayer took to Instagram to share his thoughts on the tour and how much it means to him to be included in this resurrection of the Grateful Dead. The respect Mayer has for his predecessor Jerry Garcia is clear as he states, “This band has developed a soul all its own but I play in constant emotional, psychological and musical deference to Jerry Garcia.”

We’re about to begin what I believe in my heart will be the best tour so far for @deadandcompany. Something is definitely spinning up in the air around us. But as I sit at the end of my bed with my guitar in my hands I feel like I need to post this. I’m only here as an interpreter of a master. This band has developed a soul all its own but I play in constant emotional, psychological and musical deference to Jerry Garcia. I suppose I thought it would become easier each tour to stand on that stage and go reaching for that sound and those colors, but it in some ways it gets harder – the deeper I go into the music, the more I realize what it deserves. Just know that with every show we play, I’ll never forget why it is I’m standing there. This is the great ongoing privilege of my life. See ya round campus. ⚡️

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2. Getting informed and empowered with HeadCount

Rocking hard and working hard right along with Dead & Company is our dear friends,
the non-partisan organization, Headcount. During the tour, fans aren’t missing their chance to do their part and visit the Headcount booth. These guys are so inspiring and we’re proud we get to call them family.

3. Starting off on a high note

Dead & Company’s first two nights at Madison Square Garden was electric with the excitement of fans mixed with the anticipation from the band. The first night
started with a solid “Shakedown Street” which was followed by the highlight for many, their first ever rendition of the 1981 track, “Greatest Story Ever Told.” Weir’s voice beautifully captured Robert Hunter’s words and the band accompanied with a clean performance.

4. Werewolves of New York!

On the first night of the tour, the crowd was treated to a surprising cover of the Warren Zevon classic, “Werewolves Of London.” Not having played the song since 2015, John Mayer and Bob Weir traded verses on the cover that would bring the night to a close. “Werewolves of London?” Why not?

5. Everybody’s having fun and it shows

Dead & Company took the opportunity to appear twice on the Late Show with Stephen Colbert. Their version of “Uncle John’s Band” was saved for Friday night’s episode, which aired while the band was simultaneously playing onstage in Boston (giving the illusion they were in both New York and Boston). Dead & Co got a chance to show off their more intimate, structured side.

6. Good things come in pairs

When it comes to keeping fans on their toes, these guys do it best. On their second night of Madison Square Garden, as the first set came to a close, Dead & Co surprised their audience yet again with their second-ever performance of one of Bob Weir’s staples from the early 80s into the mid 90s, “Man Smart, Woman Smarter”. They each brought their own style to come together and create a powerful rendition of the song.

7. Dead & Co has fans “Dancin’ in the Streets” of Philly

During their night at Philadelphia’s Wells Fargo Center, Dead & Company included a tribute to The Beatles with a special rendition of “Dear Prudence.” It’s moments like these that are meant to be cherished.

8. Dead & Company pays homage to jazz influences

This past Friday, Dead & Co kicked off their two-night stay at the TD Garden in Boston with a high-energy performance that included a setlist packed with fan favorites. During the second set the band catered to jazz heads when they covered Miles Davis’ “Milestones,” a song that Jerry Garcia and David Grisman once included on their acoustic jazz album in 1998.

9. Corinna sees the light of day

On their second and final night in Boston on Sunday, Dead & Co debuted their version of the Robert Hunter penned, “Corrina” during the first set. The song was played amongst mainstays like “Dire Wolf,” and “Loser,” and showed how this ever-evolving band is always looking to challenge itself.

10. All eyes are on the fans, even GQ

Nothing says “be yourself” like the music and fans of the Grateful Dead. The people watching is so good, in fact, GQ Magazine took notice. Hilarious, right? Let’s just say that Deadheads can be highly entertaining.