LOCKN’ Festival and High Brew Coffee hosted “The High Brew For Those Who Do Good” campaign, bringing the High Brew Coffee spirit to our LOCKN’ community by spotlighting the do-gooders within our tribe! Now we need your help! Take a read through the entries below and vote on your favorite HERE! Help a lucky hero win two GA passes to LOCKN’ Festival on AUG 24 – 27. Voting closes on July 11 and a winner will be awarded on July 14.

Jim Kwiatkowski nominating Christine Kwiatkowski

Lockn 2015 we ran across a couple from Alabama that had the misfortune of the female having her purse lifted the night before, all of their money, credit cards, ID’s and car keys were in that bag that was taken. Christine spent the next several hours helping her retrace her steps from the night before and ask people if they had found her bag. She made countless trips to the lost & found to inquire as well. Finally being the selfless person she is found one of our friends who were parked in the day lot, borrowed their car to drive to the Food Lion in Amherst to buy them groceries for the next 2 days and took $100 dollars out of our account (that I didn’t know about until after the fact : ) ) so they would have a little bit of money to carry them though. She also found the name and number for the closet tow service and gave that to them so they could call and have their car towed to the closest Honda dealer to have a spare key made once they were able to have access to funds.

Johnel Childress nominating Christian X Critzer

He created AuroraFest to raise money in the name of a friend killed by domestic Violence ( for miracling her lockn ticket), To raise awareness and Funds for the Domestic Violence task force to help them build a Domestic Violence Shelter in Nelson County.

Bernadette Hendrix nominating Amy Mcleod

Amy is an champion for kids – she volunteers countless hours for Gloucester Youth Football – organized and saw through the construction of a wrestling building so our county’s youth wrestling program had a place to grow into. She’s the first to help when anyone needs anything! We are festival going buddies and is love love love to surprise this hard working lady!! Thanks for your consideration!

Sheri Love nominating Robert Love

My husband has attended every lockn festival, is an active member of the Lockn Festival Family and each and every prior year he has given away a miracle ticket to someone who otherwise might not be able to go. He has never met a stranger and his campsite is always one where friends and strangers alike are welcome to stop by and eat, drink, or just relax. In addition, he formed a facebook site primarily to showcase photos and highlight the fans of the Lockn Festival, the site is “LoveFoto.” He has a huge heart and due to recent death of both of his parents last October, it is likely he will not be able to attend this year and continue taking photos (which he does for free) and commemorate the beauty that is Lockn. I hope that you choose him as he is well deserving and embodies the spirit “For those who do good”

James Dean nominating Nicole Dean

My wife, Nikki Dean, started an NPO in 2014 called Blankets in Baltimore. Collecting donations for winter clothing, footware, sleeping bags, blankets, gloves, etc for the homeless in Baltimore. We don’t have much but Nik always made sure we helped those who had even less. In the past three years, she has helped hundreds of homeless residents of Baltimore City make it through tough winter’s. I’ve watched and helped this woman organize blanket drives, dig in her own pocket to buy food supplies to make on her own, hundreds of bagged lunches and care packages….one sandwich at a time then, hit the streets for hours, day after day,distributing all of the packages to those in need so they’d be ready for winter. Recently, BIB has started working with local businesses to find employment for the homeless here. She’s helped and saved hundreds of homeless people here and has never once sought attention for doing so. Doesnt take monetary donations, She’s a great mother,a great wife and an incredible human being. We attended LockN in 2015 and she’s wanted to return (huge Mule fan and loves Gary Clarke Jr.) But, we haven’t really had the funds to do so. This would be amazing for her to win and about as close a shot as she has to make it this year. She definitely deserves it. Either way, please check out the Blankets in Baltimore FB page. Thanks. James Dean

Jody Carbone nominating Dee and Claudio Zarpelon

They are tireless promoters of local bands and musicians! Dee and Claudio have created a facebook page for the purpose of promoting local art that is approaching 2000 members. They are often at events either photographing or video taping, then posting the best for others to enjoy. They tirelessly encouraged bands in the Rockn’ to Lockn’ competition. Two great, warm and loving people who do a lot for our community, and I’d love to see them at Lockn with me. Thank you for considering them.

Randy Kirk nominating Tanja (Smiley) Bock-Mayfield

Tanja is an awesome & passionate Florida public school teacher, not to mention a caring mother & wife. In her spare time (when she has it!) she loves camping, concerts/festivals, and volunteering. A few of her recent volunteering activities have centered around “Feeding Children Everywhere: One Mouth at a Time” assisting with packaging over 10,000 meals for children, and helping her school raise over $2500 for the FCE org. Additionally, she continues to work on spreading the word about kids that go hungry during the summer months (because school meals can often times be their main source of food) and the need to provide support & assistance to those in need of breakfast and/or lunch in the summer time. Tanja helps support her community by teaching, empowering, and caring for others. I can think of no better nominee!

Steve Massell nominating himself

Steve personally raised over $ 20,000 for The Special Olympics of GA Summer Games, held on May 19-21. This amount, over 10% of the total raise, helped send over 100 special-needs kids to The Games. Steve has been the top individual fundraiser 3 of the last 4 years – all for a great cause. Friends, family, business associates and LOCKN alumni gave generously to this cause!

Grace Fremuth nominating Lealah Fremuth

It is my sister’s first year as a physical therapist, and she already excels at changing people’s lives. Spending countless hours with her patients (from in clinic, to personal emails, to visiting them at community events) she devotes herself to what is truly a full therapy experience. Her empathy and compassion for others in a demanding job astounds me. One perfect example is her work with the Meehans, a couple in their 70s who has experienced DC living since the 60s. Recently Lealah accepted their invitation to cheer on Susan Meehan in a DC Poet finalist competition–in which she WON, and is now on to have a published book. I met the Meehans at this poetry event, and saw her patients eyes light up seeing their physical therapist there for them in support. I COULD be biased, knowing my relation, but time and time again I have seen people far and wide appreciate the physical and emotional support and life changes they receive from Lealah Fremuth. And, with better body and spirit, these patients are ready to dance on and on.

Yeny Romero nominating Robert Kelly

Robert Kelly is a regular volunteer at his hometowns animal shelter. After going through some life changing personal struggles and becoming stronger though them Robert turned to service in the community. At this animal shelter is where he found who is now his companion Dory. Robert came into the animal shelter without the minimal idea of how it would transform his life. When he first came to the animal shelter Dory feared humans because of the trauma she had endured with her last owners and no one seemed to get connect to Dory. He kept on coming in into the shelter by a few visits she would warm up and start sniffing his hands and soon she would run to him in joy at first glance. He says, “I used to want a young dog so that he could grow old with me but after working first hand with these forgotten animals I vowed never to buy a Dog but to adopt them from shelters. The connection that Robert has towards animals, dogs especially, is truly impressive. Adopting one dog at a time and giving them a chance to be loved and to love, Robert embodies High Brew Coffee’s spirit of compassion and generosity.