The Iconic History of Derek Trucks Told By 12 of the Best Videos

On June 8, 1979, Derek Trucks came into our world and it wasn’t long before he grew into the guitar phenomenon that he is today. To celebrate his 39th birthday, we’ve compiled a few of our favorite videos that show Trucks and his development as one of the most important guitarists of his generation.

1. 12-year-old Derek Trucks playing “Statesboro Blues” in an Atlanta club, a song he would later perform countless times with the Allman Brothers (1991)

Derek continued to perform blues and rock classics as a teenager. He performed with many notable musicians, and would eventually warm up the stage for the Southern-rock legends themselves, The Allman Brothers Band, paying tribute to one of his many influences, Eric Clapton (more on him later…)

2. 13-year-old Derek Trucks plays “Layla” opening for The Allman Brothers (1993)

His focused yet stone cold expression has made many ask themselves: what is Derek like off the stage? How does a young man with so much talent at such a young age carry himself? The short answer is, very humbly and professionally. Below is an interview in his early playing days.

3. 15-year-old Derek Trucks Interview

It would only get better as Derek Trucks grew older. His blues and slide playing would continue to grab the attention of audiences everywhere and would leave people jaw-dropped and speechless as he mesmerized concertgoers with his incredible phrasing and technique. Below is a great example of this technique and ability.

4. 16-year-old Derek Trucks playing “Sleep Walk” (1996)

In 1994, by the time he was 20 years old, Trucks formed his own band, “The Derek Trucks Band.” Armed with phenomenal musicians, some who would continue on DT’s musical journey, Trucks continued his career in wonderful fashion. Their music caught the attention of fellow blues singer and guitarist Susan Tedeschi, who eventually became his partner in music and life. Check out the duo combining forces for an exquisite performance.

5. Early 20s Derek Trucks and the Derek Trucks Band with Susan Tedeschi (skip to 2:27)

One thing Derek Trucks is known for is his breathtaking solos, and how he can turn the slide into a work of magic. Check out the compilation below for some of his finest moments on stage.

6. Derek Trucks’ finest solos over the years

Remember how Derek Trucks made a name by covering “Layla” back in 1993? Clearly, Eric Clapton found it just as impressive as we did, and would invite Trucks to perform with him and his band on the “Crossroads Guitar Festival” tour in 2007. This collaboration gave fans an unforgettable show filled with priceless musical moments, something Trucks has seemed to have gotten used to over his career.

7. Derek Trucks with Eric Clapton “Crossroads” Tour Circa 2007

Even when Trucks was one of the busiest guitarists of the blues-rock world, he was able to churn out incredible performances with the Derek Trucks Band. Check out this magical version of “Crow Jane,” where he and vocalist Mike Mattison (who has continued in Tedeschi Trucks Band, and remains a staple in Derek’s projects).

8. Derek Trucks Band “Crow Jane” (2006)

Years later, Derek Trucks and Susan Tedeschi would combine forces and give the musical world perhaps one of its greatest treasures of all time, Tedeschi Trucks Band. This band was founded on collaboration and have only continued to grow into a powerhouse of soul and blues rock that hits you like a thunderclap. The band would keep on growing and perform all over the world and has produced unforgettable collaborations that bring out the best of the music they have to offer. One of these collaborations can be seen below, which would be a preview to the magical “Mad Dogs and Englishmen” set at LOCKN’ 2015.

9. Tedeschi Trucks Band with Warren Haynes “Space Captain” at Crossroads Festival (2010)

It can be easy to get caught up in the musical magic that this couple produces! Luckily for us, they are more than willing to speak about their story and how their band came to be. Check out this interview about their origins as a band and where they are headed for the future.

10. Derek and Susan Interview

Ever wonder what kind of gear Derek Trucks uses? Watch Trucks shows us his rig rundown and what gear it takes to give us insane performances night after night. Check out this “Rig Rundown” from Premier Guitar!

11. Derek Trucks’ Rig Rundown

So here’s to you Derek Trucks! We can’t thank you enough for your incredible commitment to music, and what you have brought to the musical community as a result. You’ve kept on growing into one of the most influential musicians our community has ever seen. Here’s to 39 years and many more to come. Keep on growing!

12. Tedeschi Trucks Band “Keep On Growing”