We met in Day Parking Saturday AM

After arriving on Thursday, setting up my Mom’s stuff in car camping, raging through the storms, and sleeping in an anti-gravity chair for a couple of nights I finally decided to grab my stuff from my car so I could set up my tent, etc. You were just arriving and we decided to team up to get you to Momma Bear RV since I had to go there to so that I could drop off some stuff to my crew camping there. We made it about half way by golf cart taxi (which you paid for, THANK YOU) before our taxi driver had to ditch and make a meeting by 10:30am. We towed our wheeled stuff carriers behind the cab and it was hysterically FUN!!! We got out and then it seemed that you wanted to make it the rest of the way on your own. I had lost my stuff a couple of times and you had almost lost wagon down the hill! Freakin’ FUN! You gave me a Memorial T-shirt in honor of you Daughter (Savannah?). We both live in Richmond, VA. We ran into each other briefly during Moe. but did not see each other again. You have a very unique name that I have never heard before. I think you are GRRRRREAT and would love to see you again 🙂

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