bad yoga guy

Me: A little overweight with a blue beard. Kept falling over during Navasana pose on the front row You: Graceful butterfly wearing dancing bear leggings, also on front row. Kept encouraging me during the session I’m Jobin – let’s connect...

Galactic Back Massage

To the guy that observed me writhing in pain from back spasms in the Forest during Galactic, THANK YOU for the amazing, quick, and very effective back massage. After a full day of fun, I was not together enough to thank you the way I should have. Please know that I am...

From Massachusetts at the Firepit

I showed you a picture i took of Billy Madison and you told me about being a mess at the Korn show. I wnjoyed meeting you and would like to stay in touch. Im heading to The Who at Fenway fri and Stick Figure Sat. I hope to see you again

Best neighbors ever in Baby Bear!

HI I had the best neighnors this year from PA, TN, and FL! would love to connect on IG bc yall were so fun!! Dylan and Julia from FL and Robbie and Taylor and Crystal and Ben from PA, and Seth! Thanks for sharing your food and helping keep things solid during the...

Amber and Liz

I met two girls along with my buddy mike and my friend Mack. The girls said their names were Amber and Liz. We camped tent only. They told us they were from Virginia but thats all I could remember.